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It has been called an “unsentimental nostalgia,” recalling “modern” forms that are no longer current. "Retro" sometimes also refers to the fifties era.

Today it is often used in a positive sense, referring to quirky or attractive products that are no longer available. For example, "Retro fashion" or "Retro Chic" may consist of outdated styles, such as tie-dyed shirts from the 1960s, or poodle skirts from the 1950s. A love of retro objects (things from the past) is called retrophilia.

Retro often reflects a sensibility aligned with camp. Camp is an ironic attitude, an explicit re-introduction of non-dominant forms.

Think 1930's Art Deco merged with an amusing twist, a bit of nostalgia and a trendy flair and you just might be thinking of Retro Design. Laced with strong commercial branding and the essence of a particular era, Retro Design emerges in many contemporary furniture stylings.

Simply put, Retro is short for retrospective and causes one to look back in time, reflecting on the ideals of an age. One gains an appreciation for the artisans, architects and furniture designers associated with the distinctive look of Retro. Modern and Retro Designs are often the influence for furniture that features clean, solid lines, circular themes and minimalism.

The main difference between Modern and Retro is that Retro often incorporates more humor in its designs. Colorful pop art and 1950's sitcom references sometimes embellish the tubular furniture frames and geometric silhouettes. The minor details often distinguish Modern from Retro Design since the line that differentiates them is often blurred.

Like Modern, Retro Designs came out of a desire to leave the highly ornamented Victorian style behind and to replace it with an uncluttered look. It coupled artists and machines that created aesthetically simple and refined furniture.

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