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Reference # : 00228890    


Date of Appraisal : November 4, 2008

Client ( Property Owner )
Name: Dr. & Mrs.
                 Manalapan , Florida 33462

Phone: (561)
Fax :

Item: Pair Art Nouveau Bronze Bust Statues

Category: Metalware

Artist/Maker/Manufacturer:  French: Carpeaux

Physical Description: Pair Bronze Women bust statues, green patina, Art Nouveau style, Braided hair, draped, drop necklace. Relief engraving of Date and Artist lower fold of drape bottom rear on both. Dated 1894

Dimensions:  11 inches tall, 4 inch square bases

Design Characteristics: Flowing Art Nouveau Style

Visible Markings: Relief engraving identifying   Maker : signature Carpeaux.

Defects/Condition: None Noted/Excellent

Age/Date of Manufacture: 1894


Methodology and Resources: Cash/ Replacement : Fair Market Value. Visual inspection and study.

Millers International Antiques Price Guide, Judith and Martin Miller, MJM Publications, England , 1997

Comparative: ( If Applicable)

Remarks:  Statues are very similar , model appears to be the same female, slight difference in pose. head to the left one on and to the right on the other. Very fine condition and workmanship in detail and form.

Current Market Price in Effect: $ 3150 - $ 3300

*Appraised Value: $ 3200.00

Appraiser hereby certifies that he/she has no financial interest in the appraised property.

Appraised by :

                          Jaime Johnson

Member : National Association Of Professional Appraisers

If Checked [ ] Photo or Scanned Image Attached 

*Note: The Article(s) appraised represent cash bases; depreciation and/or appreciation have been reflected in the figures. This appraisal has been prepared in conformity with the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Professional Appraisers and the Uniform Standards of   Professional Appraisal Practice [USPAP] as promulgated  by the Appraisal Foundation

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